Healthy Indian Mushroom Recipe In 2 Easy Steps

Mushrooms are generally considered as super foods. This typical Indian mushroom recipe is for those who are changing to a vegan or more plant-based diet but struggle with missing the flavour and texture of meat. As a result, t his recipe is a healthy and affordable alternative.

Indian Mushroom recipe ingredients:

1 Button mushrooms 250grams

2 Garlic 1 piece (king Size)

3 Butter 2 tablespoons

4 Dried red chillies 5/6 pieces

5 carrot 1 piece

6 capsicum 1/4

7 Tomato 1 (medium-sized and seeds removed)

8 Salt (as per taste)

9 Black pepper powder 1 teaspoon

10 paprika powder 1 teaspoon

11 soy sauce 2 teaspoons

How to cut mushrooms and other vegetables:

Take all the mushrooms ( button mushrooms) and cut them into 4 pieces  (1 mushroom 4 pieces) Therefore, take the capsicum and give it julienne cut. It is easier to cut from inner side. Capsicum is ready. Then, take a piece of a carrot . Now peel it with the help of a  peeler. Again give the peeled carrot julienne cut. In this Indian mushroom recipe, garlic is the key player and hence we need some garlic. It is advised to slice garlic carefully. After that, give the garlic cloves cube-like shapes.

Indian Mushroom recipe step 1:

In the second stage you have to take a kadai or a non stick frying pan. Therefore, place it on the gas oven and make it warm (low to medium flame). Then add 2 tablespoons butter and melt it .Here simple butter is used. Now add garlic in it .Just after adding the garlic start to stir it. Therefore, add 4 to 5 red chillies  ( after slicing it) .

Red chillies are added to the recipe for making it spicy.

Indian Mushroom recipe step 2:

Immediately after the butter gets melted, start to fry the mushrooms in it. When the colour would change a little bit , add mushrooms. After adding the mushrooms with butter and garlic, a nice aroma would come out.Do not forget to stir it.  Therefore, add soy sauce in it. As the soy sauce is salty, there is no need to add extra salt in it. The color would change slowly.

Mushrooms generally do not soak oil. Therefore, the fried mushrooms should be collected in a separate bowl.

Now add the carrot (julienne cut) in the same oil and stir it. The color of the carrot would change slowly. Stir it. Now add a tomato (sliced and seeds removed). Finally, add 1 teaspoon crushed black peeper and 1 teaspoon paprika powder with it. The dish is ready.

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