Home Made Paneer Snacks Recipe For All Ages

The recipe of paneer snacks may seem modern but history tells a different story. The ancient Neolithic farmers living in the fertile crescent began a legacy of cheese  ( paneer) making  ( 8000 BCE). Some 7th millennium BCE pottery fragments found in Turkey bear the witness that the ancient men were experts in making cheese.

In time, paneer became popular globally and the people around the globe added their own local flavors.

I learned lessons from history and moulded the recipe of paneer snacks in my own way.

Paneer Snacks Recipe Ingredients:

  • paneer 200grams
  • Corn flour 2 tablespoons
  • White Flour 2 tablespoons
  • Coriander leaves (few)
  • Salt (as per taste)
  • Curry leaves 1 teaspoon
  • Ginger garlic paste 1 teaspoon
  • Pepper powder 1 teaspoon
  • Lemon juice 1 teaspoon
  • Minced Garlic 3 tablespoons
  • Curd 100 grams
  • Red chilli sauce 2.5 tablespoon
  • Green chillies  ( without seeds) 1 teaspoon
  • Onion 2 pieces ( sliced)
  • Capsicum 1/2 (sliced)
  • Red chilli powder ( Kashmiri) 1 teaspoon
  • Mustard oil ( as per requirement)

Preparation Of Curry For Paneer Snacks:

At first, take the lump of paneer  and cut them in proper shapes and sizes  ( shapes = square, triangle, or diamond)


Therefore, take a large glass bowl and add 1/2 curry leaves, 2 tablespoons cornflour, 2 tablespoons white flour, red chilli powder (few), 1/2 teaspoon pepper powder, 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste, 1/2 lemon juice in it. Therefore, mix all the ingredients well. A little water can also be added.

 How To Fry The Paneer Cubes:

In paneer snacks preparation, frying the paneer cubes plays a vital role. Take a kadai  ( a non stick cookware) and put it in the gas oven  ( medium flame). Therefore, pour mustard oil or refined oil  ( as per requirement) in it. Wait and see that the oil is hot enough for frying the paneer pieces .use a spoon and fry all the pieces ( one by one) in the hot oil. Collect the deep-fried pieces in a separate bowl or plate.

paneer fry
paneer fry

Vegetable Mix Preparation For The Snacks:

In another frying pan pour 2 tablespoons refined or mustard oil. Then put the frying pan on the gas oven (in medium heat ) and wait for a couple of minutes to see the oil gets warm. As soon as the oil gets warm, add garlic  ( minced) 3 tablespoons, remaining curry leaves and stir them for a couple of minutes. Then add 1/2 capsicum (diced), salt (as per taste), chopped onions 1 tablespoon, green chillies 1 teaspoon and stir them again for a couple of minutes more

Preparation Of Gravy:

Take the curd and add 1 teaspoon corn flour and the remaining chilli powder in it. Therefore, take a spoon and mix these ingredients with the curd.

Final Stage Of Preparation:

In the end, curd mixture and the vegetable mixture should be poured to the frying pan

Stir the mixture. While stirring, add pepper powder 1 teaspoon, 2 tablespoons of red chilli sauce

Add little water and boil it well. While boiling, add deep fried panner cubes in it. paneer snacks are ready

Try it with naan, parathas or rice.




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