Dry Paneer Recipe to Satisfy Taste Buds

dry paneer

Paneer  ( Indian version of the cheese) is a rich source of protein. It is also low in calories. As Indians, we have a strong and close relationship with paneer. It is versatile too. As a result, one can make hundreds of dishes using paneer. Moreover, paneer contains healthy fat which makes it more acceptable … Read more

Home Made Paneer Snacks Recipe For All Ages


The recipe of paneer snacks may seem modern but history tells a different story. The ancient Neolithic farmers living in the fertile crescent began a legacy of cheese  ( paneer) making  ( 8000 BCE). Some 7th millennium BCE pottery fragments found in Turkey bear the witness that the ancient men were experts in making cheese. … Read more

Paneer Makhani Recipe The Ultimate Indian Style

India not only harbours culturally diverse people but it also cherishes thousands recipes of cuisines and palatable dishes. In India a large number of the population is vegetarian and hence their cuisine is characterised by the abundant use of fruits and vegetables. As a result, the extensive use of different fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices … Read more

How to make palak paneer recipe restaurant style

Regarding the origin of the palak paneer recipe, there has been much debate among the netizens but there is no denying of the fact that this dish owes its origin to the Indian Subcontinent. This dish is not only popular in all over India but it has also gained its popularity across the world.This dish … Read more