Mushroom Snacks In 4 Super Easy Steps

Mushroom Snacks

Mushroom snacks can be prepared from various types of edible mushrooms such as shiitake, Portobello, crimini or button mushrooms. In this recipe, shiitake mushrooms have been used because they allow you to add an extra taste without sodium or fat. Follow the steps given below and prepare mushroom snacks very easily at the comfort of … Read more

Dry Mushroom Preparation Like A Pro

The recipe of dry Mushroom is not complicated at all. The flavor of the dish is concentrated and intense. It has a meaty texture Our love for edible mushrooms is thousands of year’s old. People were eating and consuming mushrooms thousands of years before they began to grow it The very first bit of evidence … Read more

Healthy chicken snacks recipe

Like many of our loved modern food items, the origin of the chicken nuggets (Chicken snacks) is a bit questionable. No one is absolutely certain who invented them. Robert C.Baker, a scientist and professor of Cornell University is often credited with the invention of the recipe in the early 1960s. He was passionate about bird … Read more

Pepper Chicken Fry Without Oil

Chicken pepper fry recipe is said to have originated in modern-day Chennai, a state in India. In the state, there is a region called Chettinad which is famous for its fiery foods. The denizens of the region invented the recipe and introduced it to the rest of the world. Ingredients: Chicken wings 750 grams Black … Read more

Easy Chicken fry Recipe restaurant style

chicken fry

The story is much in vogue that between the 17th and 19 centuries Scottish Slave holders supplied the chicken fry recipe. Therefore, the enslaved African-Americans began to fry chicken based on the recipe provided to them. Eventually, African-American cooks accepted it as a part of their own cooking tradition.   In 1747 Hannah Glasse published … Read more

Paneer Makhani Recipe The Ultimate Indian Style

India not only harbours culturally diverse people but it also cherishes thousands recipes of cuisines and palatable dishes. In India a large number of the population is vegetarian and hence their cuisine is characterised by the abundant use of fruits and vegetables. As a result, the extensive use of different fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices … Read more

How to make palak paneer recipe restaurant style

Regarding the origin of the palak paneer recipe, there has been much debate among the netizens but there is no denying of the fact that this dish owes its origin to the Indian Subcontinent. This dish is not only popular in all over India but it has also gained its popularity across the world.This dish … Read more

The Easiest Way To Prepare Lemon Rice

lemon rice

 Regular food items are indeed monotonous. You can try the lemon rice recipe to escape from this monotony. In order to prepare lemon rice, it requires very few ingredients and a very little time. Lemon Rice Recipe Ingredients: Basmati rice 1/2 Lemon 3 pieces of red chillies 1 tablespoon black mustard seeds 2 tablespoon refined … Read more